Electronic Cigarette: advantages and disadvantages

Spain is the 9th country in the European Union with the most smokers, causing nearly 60,000 deaths per year. One in four Spaniards is addicted to tobacco and 32% of these have tried to stop smoking at some point. In recent years more and more people have signed up to the vapeo trend because, although it is not without risk, it is better to vapeo than to smoke. But are electronic cigarettes harmless?

Advantages of electronic cigarettes

Electronic tobacco began to be used in 2004 as an option for quitting tobacco, since nicotine addiction is difficult to overcome. An electronic cigarette is a portable electronic device that heats the liquid inside until it evaporates, allowing you to inhale the vapor produced, just as you do when you smoke tobacco. By imitating the sensation a smoker has with a normal cigarette, the “monkey” decreases.

Electronic cigarettes have a capsule with a filter with pure liquid nicotine. They consist of several parts: a battery, a charging port, an ignition button, a connector, a resistor, a claromizer, a tank and a mouthpiece. When the battery heats the resistor the liquid takes on temperature and evaporates, producing the vapour that the smoker inhales.

Less harmful than tobacco

Proponents of these cigarettes, which have had a rapid growth in the market, indicate that vapear is less harmful than smoking, because the components of an electronic cigarette are more natural. The advantages are:

It contains natural elements: vegetable glycerin, aroma, propylene glycol, water and nicotine.
It has no smell and you can choose a multitude of flavors.
65% of people who start vapear manage to stop smoking.
The annual cost is around 350 euros per year.

It can be wiped with or without nicotine, depending on the patient’s addiction. People who decide to quit smoking look for effective methods of quitting. Those who choose to do so use electronic cigarettes with a small nicotine content.

However, the most harmful thing about tobacco is the chemical compounds such as tar, which are left in the body by combustion. In the electronic cigarettes there is no burning to create the vapor, so that danger disappears. However, it is not ruled out that other toxic substances are generated.

Vapeo Detractors

According to the Spanish Association against Cancer, the fact that electronic cigarettes do not need to be burned does not mean that they do not contain toxic elements for health. Moreover, most of them have nicotine, causing negative effects at a cardiovascular and respiratory level.

Another argument used against this form of smoking is that cowboys have only been on the market for a short time and it is not clear whether they are harmful to health in the long term. In fact, it is known that electronic cigarettes pollute the air less than traditional tobacco, but they still do.

The only positive thing is that it helps to stop smoking but, according to experts, to date there is no study that says that smoking cessation is a good tool. Furthermore, being able to do so in places where smoking is prohibited can be counterproductive.

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