I would like to introduce myself briefly:

I am Audrey Sinclair, born 1979, Abitur 1999, trained media designer and studied media and social scientist before I started llevatelo blog. I learned and studied in Bochum, where I currently live, and was employed for about six years in the departments for university communication and information and communication services at my alma mater, the Ruhr University Bochum. Last but not least, I am interested in knowledge, education and technology. After a phase of professional reorientation, I have been attending a training course for online editors at WBS-Training AG since April 2017. I am already looking forward to the new impulses, the nice contacts and the prospect of new tasks.

From hobby photography to fantasy games, my technology, travelling and hiking, to music, cinema and culture, I pursue – sometimes more and sometimes less – a wide variety of interests and retain my joy of experimenting and curiosity. I don’t follow an explicit life motto or a world view, but I think that you should get involved and not leave things untried. This is the only way to create something new.

If I were asked why my friends, acquaintances and colleagues appreciate me, I would answer, because of my sociable, open and reserved nature, my creativity and my humour.


We want to make the digital world human. Especially at a time when disruptive technology is almost being produced on an assembly line, personal exchange is crucial. Our goal is to help organizations manage elementary changes. With our tools you can master the challenges of the future – through more collaboration and personal contacts. So that your employees develop new solutions and learn from each other.

llevatelo was founded in 2014 by me and my friends as a side project. The focus of the growing start-up was llevatelo Lunch, for which we received a lot of positive feedback from our first customers. After the start-up phase, we significantly expanded our portfolio in 2017. Today we combine five brands under llevatelo: llevatelo Lunch, llevatelo Coffee, llevatelo Brain, llevatelo Job and llevatelo Mentor. As an established company with five employees, the critical processes remain agile and we can react quickly to changes.

Well, I prefer to let my projects speak for themselves, because especially in the area of web development they are the actual calling cards for a service provider. For me, this principle is especially true because some of my projects have a social meaning.

This page represents this mixture: from idealistic topics up to solid commercial customer projects you will find the entire range of my activities here. This is particularly reflected in the blog: the articles range from personal texts about society and politics to (I hope) informative articles with background knowledge and small tips and tricks for practice.

And why a butterfly? Well, binary butterfly just sounded too nice not to be taken. A butterfly is lightweight, beautiful, natural, … and if you know me privately, you might also see the little musical allusion in it. Apart from that, I found the idea of a butterfly flap slider simply too beautiful to leave it alone.