Gadgets to Help You Sleep Better

These five will help you sleep better.

Who sleeps well, creates more and lives healthier. Meanwhile, you can also let yourself be supported by tech toys. The magazine “t3n” presents five gadgets that will help you sleep better.

The fact that sufficient sleep and also the quality of sleep have a substantial influence on the efficiency is proven many times scientifically. And it is people who suffer from sleep problems, especially those who are under a lot of stress during the day. Around this pain meanwhile an entire industry formed, which wants to revolutionize the sleep with Apps and Gadgets.

Some devote themselves to sleep analysis, others to resting and the process of falling asleep and still others to a relaxed awakening. We have selected five gadgets for you to help you sleep better:

Scythe from hello

The sleep gadget Sense of the start-up hello consists of the hardware, a small, white, sensor-equipped ball, the sensor “Sleep Pill”, which is attached to the pillow with a clip, and the corresponding app, which is available for Android and iOS.

Sense measures the length of sleep and the sleep phases. But the special thing is that the device also measures brightness, temperature and humidity in the room and detects dust and pollen in the air. An integrated microphone should detect and record noises. An integrated loudspeaker can provide soothing sounds and takes over the wake-up function.

To make waking up easier, Sense tries to initiate the wake-up process during the light sleep phase. For example, if the alarm clock is set to eight o’clock and you are in a light sleep phase at 7:40 a.m., the alarm should be triggered earlier. The evaluation possibilities of the app are intended to enable you to get to the bottom of sources of interference and thus eliminate them.

Sense costs 129 US dollars (+ 49 US dollars if you need a second Sleep Pill for your partner) and is currently only shipped throughout the US. For international shipping, you can be put on a list by sending an e-mail to and you will be notified when the international shipping starts.

OURA ring

The Oura-Ring wants to make the tracking of sleep and wake phases as easy as possible. The small ring is worn all day long and should get to know your rhythm. The evaluation takes place also here over a corresponding App. It should help to determine connections between daily activities and sleep quality.

At the moment you can pre-order the ring on Kickstarter for 229 US dollars. Shipping is scheduled to start in November 2016 and is possible worldwide.

Sleep Shield

Sleep Shield aims to filter out the blue light emitted by monitors and smartphones. This is said to inhibit the release of melatonin, which could be a possible cause of poor sleep. Sleep Shield is a film that is applied to the screen. According to the manufacturer, the film can be easily removed, cleaned and reused.

The films cost $19.95 for the smartphone, $29.95 for the tablet and $39.95 for the laptop.


The small device NightWave is a sleep aid, which should let the mind come to rest by light and sound. This is certainly not something for everyone, but anyone who has tried autogenic training, meditation or sleep hypnosis might enjoy it. The changing play of light should make it easier to control one’s own breathing, which in turn should lead to deep relaxation.

The small folding assistant costs 49 US dollars plus 18 US dollars for shipping.

bedJet v2

That’s right, it’s exactly what it looks like: air conditioning and heating for the bed. When you think of hot summer nights and cold winter evenings, it sounds tempting.

A first version is already on the market, but the version that Kickstarter is currently running as a campaign sounds even more promising. The app-controlled BedJet will be upgraded and should be able to adjust to the biorhythm in the new version to lead to a better sleep. The app is fed with information via sensors to learn more. Heat and cooling are provided by the bed linen, which is made of plain, white cotton.

The BedJet v2 can currently be pre-ordered for $199 from Kickstarter. The shipment is expected to start in January 2016 – unfortunately only US-wide. What happens to your electricity bill when you use it is on a different page.

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